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Cherry cabinets toned and dyed to a golden hue. By using color mixed into the lacquer a degree of eveness  and uniformity of color and tone can be achieved that is simply not possible when simply applying stain directly to the bare wood.

Even if the wood is “pre treated” the results can’t compare to a toned finish.

Paneled English library / family

room in antiqued glazed alder.

Each panel and each door and drawer face is hand accented using a small brush . Then multiple layers of glaze  are dry brushed for a shaded aged  classic traditional club room style.

Hand rubbed ,black dyed , oak, modular , home office.

By using dye which is highly transparent, the underlying grain and subtle color shifts in the oak are still present even though the end result is  very dark.

Had it simply been painted black there would not be the depth achieved here.

White maple transformed & antiqued to produce this attractive built-in vanity, 

Pristine, water based, white lacquer, kitchen. The advantages of water based lacquer are many. One of the biggest, for the client, is that it will not yellow with time  the way traditional solvent based lacquers do.

French chateaux creamy white,brown umber accented and antiqued,country kitchen with alder island finished and hand rubbed using water white lacquer.