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Sun damaged restoration bedroom furniture including chest of drawers, desk two night stands and a sleigh bed (pictured) where restored in a matching rich mahogany color.

        Built in antique cherry cabinet finished to match adjoining cherry kitchen cabinets. The finish is  hand to give it  a settled in “as though it’s always been there”  appearance.

Rare  Myrtle Wood head board & side night tables finished using  toned lacquer to bring out the  beauty of the wood’s figuring. Each successive coat added depth and resulted in a glassy smooth semi matte finish both pleasing to the eye and  the touch.

This previously sun damaged, rather plain looking simple golden oak was restored to new and transformed through successive layers of glaze to a rich ,deep bodied mahogany .

Darkened and refinished maple table using toned layers of  natural resin varnish.

A brief description of darkening, refinish  and restoring chairs and dining room project follows on the next page.