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Cabinets are finished with a highly durable water-based lacquer that “has a very low VOC” (volatile organic compounds) content. Walls are brushed...using large Italian brushes, with a limestone and water material that gains more depth and complexity with each additional coat;  or there’s Venetian plaster which is made with powdered Italian marble.

We are quite fond of milk paint,  an ancient paint made from, yes, milk. On furniture or cabinets, it produces a  very pleasing and natural surface.

Our repertoire, when called upon, can include: Verdigris, simulated rusted surfaces, buffed Australian beeswax, crackalure paint, gold and silver leaf with overlaying black glazes, Roman black soap oils that, when tinted and applied over lime washed walls produce a truly seamless naturally aged looking surface  (without that telltale, ragged faux look. )  that is pleasing to the eye and  full of subtlety.

  an environmentally friendly company

With over 20 years experience, I’ve worked with some


of the best cabinet makers, finish carpenters and general contractors in the area.With that resource you can have cabinets designed, built, installed and of course finished all at the very highest standards.


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where we use natural materials and techniques for a look that grows more beautiful with time.